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While other cultures had their version of acupuncture, the ancient Chinese truly understood the relationship between nature and man and the importance of balance.

Acupuncture, using stainless steel needles, has been practised for thousands of years. Obviously, the ancient Chinese who invented it and subsequent generations since have found the alternative health practice quite effective for relieving a number of maladies.

Eczema Cure For Babies, entitlement and Medicomat 3. Acupuncture can help with a number of different maladies. From allergies, to headaches to even fertility issues, acupuncture can help. Your practitioner will locate different acupuncture points on the body and after that, he or she will insert between 5 and 20 different needles into your body.

Chinese herbs can also offer a deep level of support in treating PTSD. The herbal formulas yunnan paiyao and sheng mai san are a first line of defense in clearing shock and trauma, as the are primarily indicated to stabilize the pulse.

Effects of acupuncture: sedative and antidepressant effects; antiagresivno effect - relax and reduce aggressive impulses and behavior; antiadiktivno effect - reducing the need for the introduction of various stimulants and drugs used in giving up the heavy and light drugs, smoking, alcohol abuse and use of tranquilizers, All these effects are important in the treatment of obesity.

Acupuncture models are often used by specialist acupuncturists. Most acupuncture supply shops store these auxiliary products. These acupuncture models are a particular replica of the human body which indicates the acupuncture points on the meridians, which often serves as guides to find these points on a real patient. These models are generally made out of durable soft vinyl plastic material and mounted on a solid wood platform.

There have also been forms of it described in Korean literature called Chimsul and is also an important part of the traditional medicine system in Japan and is called Kampo.

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